I started making pictures when I was very young. It has been an essential part of my life, even when I have tried to ignore it. My father was a professional photographer and taught at the High School of Art and Design in New York. It was in my blood. I won a photo contest when I was 9 and have been hooked ever since. My Dad used flash powder; now I make digital prints.

The earliest photos on this web site are from 1965. The latest from last week (whenever you're reading this.) I have a few vintage silver prints but for the most part, I never printed the images. I developed the film, made contact sheets, produced a handful of prints that interested me at the time, and put everything in boxes. I'm literally looking at some of these for the first time and making them available. Much of what I did as a street photographer now, amazingly, has historic dimensions. Who knew?

Professionally, I've spent 25 years developing and designing exhibits for museums. I am now using those techniques for my personal work. Those are included in the 'Installations' section.

All photos are available at high resolution for editorial use or as archival pigment inkjet prints in sizes up to 20x30" (on 24x36" paper.) Contact me for a complete price list. You may also purchase prints on this web site through PayPal. Installations are priced separately. Please be in touch for details.

I COULD make silver gelatin prints if someone twisted my arm. My darkroom still is functional. As am I.